Free Download: Pocket PC Registry Viewer

SrRegEdit is a Pocket PC registry viewer with a twist.  It runs on your Windows PC, not on your Pocket PC. It connects to your Pocket PC through ActiveSync and lets you view the complete Pocket PC registry. Although it's called SrRegEdit, it's just a viewer right now. I'm currently working on making it an editor.

Download and Install

  1. If you don't already have .Net Framework 1.1 on our Windows PC, download and install it.
  2. Download SRESetup.exe, the SrRegEdit Windows installer file.
  3. Double-click SRESetup.exe that you just downloaded and follow the on-screen prompts.
  4. You do not need the .Net Compact Framework that runs on the Pocket PC.

How to Use SrRegEdit

  1. Start SrRegEdit from Windows Start menu.
  2. Connect your device to your Windows PC via ActiveSync and turn it on.
  3. Wait for ActiveSync to connect.
  4. SrRegEdit will start reading the Pocket PC registry.
  5. While the registry is being loaded into memory in the background, you can immediately:
    • Browse the registry using the tree view in the left pane, or
    • Find a registry entry from the Edit menu
  6. As you open keys while browsing and finding, background loading pauses to give preference to loading keys you request, then resumes
  7. Obviously, you can also browse and find once the background loading is done.

Sample Screenshot



Release Notes


Version 1.4 (4-May-2005):

  • Added shortcut keys for Find and Find Next
  • Changed data type designations to the more traditional REG_SZ, etc.
  • Display type REG_BINARY values as binary instead of "Sysem.Byte[]"
  • Display types REG_DWORD and REG_QWORD values in both hex and decimal
  • Display type REG_MULTI_SZ values with its multiple strings, not "System.String[]"
  • Fixed a (program crashing) bug in Find

Version 1.3 (25-Apr-2005):

  • Added an About Box
  • Added a log file; you can show it from SrRegEdit by selecting menu Help->Show Log
  • Improved dummy child (to make + appear on keys that have children) by reusing the dummy child node instead of deleting and re-adding a real key
  • Catch buffer overflow exception in fetching key values from the Pocket PC and log it
  • Trimmed extraneous characters (null terminators) from end of each key in hopes that was the cause of the buffer overflow exception
  • Fixed progress bar overflow bug

Version 1.2 (23-Apr-2005):

  • Renamed SrRegEdit from CeRegEdit after discovering that Microsoft has a CeRegEdit program in the Pocket PC SDK
  • Added a progress bar that shows progress of background loading of the registry
  • Fixed child key + problem:  While background loading, a key that has a child key now always appears with a + sign in front so that you can see there is a child key.  In previous versions, there was no +, so you might have thought there was no child key.

Version 1.1 (10-Mar-2005):

  • Added background loading of the Pocket PC registry
  • Added capability to find a registry entry key, value, or data